Thursday, September 6, 2007

ADD IMITATES LIFE (or, my growing frustration with having to hear my favourite youthful anthems used to sell crap)

I was going to do a piece (or rant basically) regarding the over commercialization of one of my favourite nostalgia inducing bands, New Order. As if using the seminal club anthem Blue Monday to sell Mars Bars wasn't bad enough, I reached my boiling point after a recent add for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that uses another classic, Bizarre Love Triangle.

As part of my research I went to the New Order site and noticed that recent feuding between Bernard Sumner & Peter Hook has pretty well eliminated the possibility of there being another album this century.

Strangely - the tag line for the Reese's add states that "peanut butter still talks to Jelly, but their relationship is very strained". OK, how bizarre is that? I think that Peter Hook would have to be the peanut butter in this case, after his rather nutty slagging of the band and announcement of their breakup on his blog.

I guess we'll be hearing more New Order songs in TV adds, the proceeds from which will likely be used to finance lawyers for the inevitable ensuing court battle. What a tragic end.

Rest in peace old chums - you saved my soul during many an otherwise horrible high school dance, so I can almost forgive you for hawking mass-produced, obesity inducing sweets....

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jmgb said...

ugh. it's hard when a little piece of art that moved your world and let you express your heart sells out to the madness of profit.

sorry for your encounters.