Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Looks like my dear friend Robyn Bright has been haiku'd too! I am especially intrigued that both of our stories relate to rather other-worldy birds that suddenly and briefly swoop into our lives, creating fleeting and beautiful magic. What does this say about us both? I do know that we are both prone to flights of fancy, though I am not sure what we have done to deserve these precious encounters. Perhaps they are just gifts, little reminders of the larger forces of life that we are connected with. (Here's the link to my Haiku, & Robyn's Haiku)

I have actually been studying, reading and writing Haiku for the last month and have been contemplating a Haiku related project myself. To me, the beauty of Haiku is the discipline of being in the moment, of staying tuned to each passing second and the poetry that exists when I am attentive to the world around me and not driven to distraction (as per usual). For me it is about pulling my head up, looking around and finally breathing....

NOTE: I am also now on a mission to have all my friends "haiku'd" by the fine folks at Haiku For You!

Also of note - staying on the bird theme, Robyn is part of a fine musical ensemble known as Cockatoo. If you can't get a mystical bird to swoop into your day, then at least allow their music to do the same!

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robyn bright said...

Birds are often used in mythology as harbingers of the "Otherworld"
I too am curious about their role in this imagery.