Friday, September 7, 2007

JOY DIVISION SNEAKERS (going for a jog with an iconic pulsar)

This one has been circulating for a while, though it fits in with my last posting/rant regarding the over-commercialization of all things New Order. Recently its appears that New Balance has come out with a line of sneakers to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Joy Division.

The iconic image of the pulsar from the Unknown Pleasures album decorates these sneakers. For me, nothing says "I want go out for a jog" more than a pair of sneakers adorned by something that has since become a symbol of Ian Curtis' painful descent into oblivion..

Thankfully, the Ian Curtis biopic "Control" is coming out shortly to help me remember why Joy Division , and (to a lesser degree) New Order, were so important to me in the first place. I have heard that the film is more focused on Curtis' relationship with his wife Deborah than his music, though still, it will be good for my soul to remember that well before the tacky merch there was a unique & bold band that made fresh, haunting and visceral music.

Though Joy Division isn't exactly inspirational work-out music, just for the heck of it I think I will throw on the classic track "Isolation" on my IPod next time I go for a run, and I will wear my plain, angst-free grey sneakers. I would prefer to have the image of the dying star present in my imagination, rather than on the soles of my sneakers, where it will eventually rub off after continual exposure to friction anyways. The version in my mind will never get worn down.

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