Friday, July 3, 2009


I have decided that I am not likely going to sign up for Twitter. If I did have a Twitter account I would probably post annoying and obvious updates like these on a regular basis;

right now I am typing these words
1 hour ago

updating my twitter again
2 hours ago

sitting at my computer, writing these words
5 hours ago

posting another message here
6 hours ago

ad infinitum....

I am not "anti-Twitter", nor do I see it as being inherently good or bad. From my vantage point it reflects both the banality and the vitality of life and everything in between ; Perez Hilton's celeb-o-centric rantings on the inane end of the spectrum, protesters in Iran posting messages to get the true story out on the other end.

If I did use Twitter I would likely resort to my default position of writing cryptic, esoteric or surreal things that would inspire the inevitable WTF moment from anyone with the fortitude to follow my thought process;

I am being stalked by a giant hedgehog named Spiny Norman
2 hours ago

had a nice time levitating in the fire swamp this morning
5 hours ago

Realistically though, if I did use Twitter it would likely be another outlet to pronounce my love for various personal musical obsessions;

listened to the new Wilco album 5 times today - really kicks ass*
35 minutes ago

picked up the "Murmur" deluxe reissue - I am in bonus track heaven
2 days ago

*Note: I actually did listen to the new Wilco album five times the other day, and it really does kick ass

Anyways, I do enjoy some of the Twitter updates from some of my online compadres - I just hope that folks don't sacrifice writing the occasional lengthier and inspired blog posts for the expediency of a few words on Twitter - though if you do, please keep it surreal and cryptic!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am leaving Twitter for those folks who can actually say something useful in 150 characters. Takes me 800 words just to get started.

mellowlee said...

I do wish you were on twitter, but I totally get it. I find it a comfort on the many lonely nights. I've met the most interesting people *Grin*

Comrade Kevin said...

I just wish people might consider sitting down for some time, crafting a lengthy written piece, and then have the satisfaction of knowing they had spent their time wisely.

Twitter is immediate but it is frequently banal.

Sean Wraight said...

Well Matthew I feel as if I am at the end of my Twitter rope. Try as I might to embrace this popular 'Twedium' I just can not seem to get into it. Everything I tweet simply reeks of tedium and banality.

Now give me BLIP FM where I can at least hide my boring self behind a song of my choosing and you would be on to something...

So try it if you must, you might just be a little disappointed in the end though.