Sunday, June 28, 2009


This album cover makes me smile;

Not only does it make a strong case for tangible forms of music (this one begs to be picked up on vinyl) but it provides great fodder for the imagination. This cover could easily tell a story, perhaps some surreal cautionary environmental tale for children.

If I was in charge of doing promo for the band I would hold a literary contest for the best short story to accompany the picture. The winning story would be included with limited editions of the album of course.

As for the music it seems that Dinosaur jr stick to what they do well with little deviation. So as expected, on their latest album they have created a collection of hook laden semi-melodic songs that are both immediately gratifying and often frustratingly impossible to remember afterwards. This isn't necessarily problematic, as it serves the purpose of providing a quick visceral aural encounter that is great in the moment.

The band also seems quite comfortable with the slacker aesthetic that has been inextricably associated with them for years, as witnessed in their latest video where we see the middle aged hipsters doing skate board and bike stunts that no sane person over 25 would likely ever attempt. Of course the J Mascis stunt double wearing a wig is a nice touch.

That's all for now, I have children's story to write about giant mossy green creatures!


Comrade Kevin said...

Taking me back, man.

Westcoast Walker said...

Hey Kevin - nice to hear from you again. I have a slight nostalgic attachment to Dinosaur jr myself - I love the album (and cover) for Green Mind when it first came out.