Thursday, June 26, 2008


The current issue of Rolling Stone covers the politically expedient topic of just what exactly the presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama is grooving to on his iPod during those long flights and journeys on the campaign trail.

Sure, this may not be a big issue for some, though as we all know the type of music one listens to is often a reflection of your personality, values and whether or not you are a complete and utterly clueless moron with bad taste. (I still relish my early 90's days as a record store clerk chiding those hapless Milli Vanilli fans and trying to convince them to buy albums by The Cure instead)

In Obama's case he seems to be fairing well with his musical selections, citing artists such as Bob Dylan, Howlin' Wolf, The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder (his 70's era artistic zenith) as essential listening. Of course he name drops Jay-Z and, in an attempt to give himself a little cred with the youngsters as well.

He also indicates that "Maggie's Farm" by Dylan is a favourite on the campaign trail, stating “It speaks to me as I listen to some of the political rhetoric". Score two points for the Senator from Illinois for engaging the spirit of vibrant and socially relevant music!

........ meanwhile, back at McCain world headquarters, in an attempt to be "fair & balanced", Rolling Stone tried to profile the Senator from Arizona and give him a chance to show a little musical love with his own portable player;

Apparently Gilbert & Sullivan really kicks ass at 78 rpms, and the Senator was sooo blown away by the sounds coming out of his "magical music box" that he nearly flipped his lid when he was also told about "talkies", and realized that would make an excellent tool to rally the country around his support for a 100 year long Iraq War if needed.

DISCLAIMER - I am essentially a Canuck doing a little meddling here in foreign affairs and I take full responsibility for having a profound influence on the U.S. election process in a completely biased and manipulative manner. For the record, I also promise to be as equally manipulative during the next Canadian election as well.

If any of my fine American brethren are upset about my actions or interference please refer to the wonderful words of Canada's late great Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to put this in context;

"Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant: No matter how friendly and even-tempered the beast, one is affected by every twitch and grunt." - Pierre Trudeau speaking to Americans during a speech at the National Press Club in 1969 -


Dean Wormer said...


I share Obama's tastes, especially for the Stones.

It's okay that you comment on U.S. politics. For my part I'm constantly railing against the Canadian government of moose riding mounties.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I really dread to find out what is on Stephen Harper's ipod.

And now I will have "I am the very model of a modern major general" going through my head on loop all day, damn it!

Westcoast Walker said...

Dean - I hear you about those damn mounties, if it wasn't for the "lumberjack song" they would have no cred whatsoever.

Hi Barb - I think Harper's iPod is filled with cheesy self-help audio books and personal affirmations he listens to over and over again - i.e. "I am not an American lapdog, and people really do like me" repeated ad infinitum. He also has the "cabinet shuffle" mix on random that changes every time one of his neophyte Ministers does something stupid.

Cowboy the Cat said...

i totally doubt that is really what he listens to. It's another attempt to get the "working class white" vote that he's been lacking.

"Oh, he listens to the Stones? Well hell, he must be aaaawwwwright!"

jaded? Maybe. Right? Probably.

Liberality said...

As an inhabiter of this Earth, your viewpoint is valid as anyone else's.

Hell yeah, The Cure rocks!!!

jeff cothren said...

Please continue to meddle. In fact, if you organize an invasion, I'm sure we can find you a fifth column.

Anonymous said...

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