Saturday, July 21, 2012


The recent mass killing in Colorado put me in a strange head space yesterday. I was busy at work but it was in the back of my mind throughout the day. It was like static in the background that doesn't always register consciously but is always present, altering my perception in subtle ways.

In contemplating this further my efforts to make sense of this feels at times like an insurmountable act of futility. Perhaps that is the point, as there is no way that it is conceivable to make rational sense of what is essentially an act of pure evil and destruction.

This appeared to be a calculated and systematic effort made for the sole purpose of eradicating life.  On may levels it makes me profoundly worried about some of the narratives out there that give birth to such hopelessness and can create a reality where someone is willing to cash out their humanity and cause such destruction and misery.

I am trying to stay away from the talking heads and sound bites on the 24/7 media cycle that in the name of providing endless content will likely perpetuate the fear and paranoia that naturally occurs after such a tragedy.  It is certainly worthwhile to have public discourse about this, though unfortunately most media outlets seem to pander to the interest driven "experts" eager to apply a simple narrative or explanation for this 

The one certainty for me in the aftermath of this tragedy is my refusal to allow this to make me cynical or to live in fear. I remain defiantly hopeful and will stubbornly stick to the belief that most people are capable of kindness, mercy and acts of selfless love when push comes to shove.  I owe this to my children. As a human being and citizen of this world it is also an obligation worthy of serious consideration.

Please consider joining me in this act of defiance.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yours is the only sane reaction to this horror. We have to show our children and the world that there is more good in people than there is evil.

Dan said...

Interesting Post! Thank you! Cory Skyy