Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Other than a brief priod of respite today, there have been relentless torrents of rain day after day on the aptly named "Wet Coast" where I live. Much to the dismay of my umbrella, the sideways blowing rain has subverted it's one and only purpose in life, thus giving it some serious self-esteem issues to contend with.

Of course the ubiquitous November darkness, which can drive one to despair on a good day, has been given that extra shot of soul sapping and depression inducing weariness courtesy of endless waves of pounding wind and precipitation . It would be a good call to stay away from those Joy Division records this month.

I went grocery shopping the other day and had to tread water through large parking lot lakes while trying to keep a 4kg bag of flour dry, which is no small accomplishment. Have you ever tried to walk through a two foot deep puddle balancing groceries in one hand and a skin scorching latte in the other? Life here is harsh my friends.

Seeing as we are now well into the 21st century my biggest complaint is that we should really have all had flying cars by this time, or at the very least portable jet packs that we could use to fly above the soggy madness below. I could easily strap one of these over my gore-tex coat and be on my merry way out of the rain.

In the movie Blade Runner (which takes place in the year 2019) there is also lots of rain, and of course, flying cars everywhere for convenience. Sure, there are psychotic killer androids in the midst of an existential crisis on the loose, but the flying cars more than make up for this.

Of course the inhospitable weather has brought to surface my latent slacker tendencies, as what else does one want to do while the weather outside is so frightful but sit by the fire with some hot chai, a good book, or some mindless zombie movies to wile away the evening. A perfectly justifiable act under the circumstances.

On second thought, let it pour. Flying cars and rain be damned .... let the slacking begin!

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PAULYR said...

Here it is, a year later (11/20/10), and I'm just reading your post about dreary Fall weather and dismal feelings. I like what you've said and how you've said it (including the pictures). I thank you, for I feel the same about now.