Saturday, May 19, 2012


My lunch time walks in Surrey, BC are a frequently fascinating enterprise. The cardiovascular benefits go without saying, and of course it helps clear my thoughts during the midst of an often hectic work day.

During my mid-day strolls I am always searching for indicators of both the strange and the sublime, and one recent walked produced some particularly intriguing results;

First off, a post apocalyptic battle helmet.  On inspection it appeared to be made from the combination of a work helmet, fencing mask and bull horns.  Great gear for the impending zombie infestation or high speed battle over the last drop of gasoline circa the Road Warrior. You can never be too prepared!

This was particularly intriguing, circular chalk drawings around strategically placed stones, weeds and torn bus tickets.  I was a little worried that this was the early stages of some ritual to open a portal to another dimension that could unleash terror and mayhem if tampered with.

There has to be a story here. This is usually a sign that something isn't going terribly well for somebody somewhere. If only this suitcase could talk!

Ineffectual warning sign.  Good thing I looked down before acting on my impulse to dig by the roadside.

Where the Skytrain ends (literally). Just in case you ever wondered. Made me think of Shel Silverstein's classic "Where The Sidewalk Ends". Perhaps a new book of poems is in order!


Allison said...

Great pictures! I love the skytrain one. Just an interesting image. I never thought of where it might end before.

Randal Graves said...

The work of Ivar the Boneless has even reached the fabled Canadas.

Westcoast Walker said...

Thanks for enjoying my journey - who would of thunk that my lunchtime strolls could potentially be rife with so much potential chaos and wonderment!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Surrey is obviously a magical place! Or perhaps only if one takes the time to wander and look. Thanks for sharing your lunchtime strolls.