Sunday, January 1, 2012


A few things to contemplate at the start of this year (feel free to check back in 365 days to see what fits)
  1. That really good deal someone is offering you to take over their video store franchise might not be such a hot idea.
  2. 13 years into the 21st century & you will still not own a flying car or jet pack this year (though I am less confident that a singular A.I. entity won't come online shortly and begin to enslave humanity)
  3. There will be more sequels.
  4. You might start to feel nostalgic about the seemingly distant pre-Facebook/Twitter era, and in doing so will begin to re-envision a future where you don't always know what everyone else is up to.
  5. Almost every band you have ever loved that hasn't already reunited will do so this year and will likely tour near where you live.
  6. Many more places will be occupied by increasingly larger groups of the disenfranchised.
  7. Rediscovering the art of letter writing & corresponding by post could be considered acts of spiritual discipline to counteract the tyranny of the immediate.
  8. You will make numerous lighthearted references to your ADD related symptoms and forgetfulness, though secretly your increasingly inability to concentrate or attend to one thing at a time will really bother you.
  9. There will continue to be a negative correlation between the decline in the music industry and the breathtaking array of incredible new music being produced.
  10. You will be tempted to head down to Portland, Oregon to re-experience the Gen X dream of counter culture & slackerdom before it's officially "over", (which by some standards was 5 minutes ago).
  11. The array of choice in the digital realm will be even more overwhelming and you may as a result be tempted to retreat further into the familiar
  12. On at least one occasion you will Google "2012" "Mayan Calendar" & "doomsday".


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have been lamenting the shrinking availability of video stores for a few years now. I miss video stores, actually. Yes, even Blockbuster.

Interesting list, Matthew. You have obviously polished up your cultural crystal ball.

Randal Graves said...

That only flash-fries a buffalo in 30 seconds? But I'm hungry *now*.

I feel bad for the kids that will never experience the record store as hangout.

Westcoast Walker said...

Hey Barb - my cultural crystal ball is normally fuzzy but I sold some magic beans and bought a really great cleaner to get it all shiny again!

Randal - I also lament the loss of the record store hangout of yore - there are a still a few holding out in Vancouver and I have seen some halfings leafing through the shelves wide eyed with wonder at all the shiny discs & vinyl