Sunday, May 8, 2011


The Antlers, an indie band worthy of consideration, have recently released a great new song called, "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out". It's the type of song that sneaks up on you and takes a few listens to permeate your consciousness before you appreciate what's going on. I would highly recommend it.

It is inspired by the type of disturbing reoccurring dream that can linger and leave some psychic residue long after the dream itself has ended. I've had the falling teeth dream a few times myself, and the initial dread of this is often quickly followed by the euphoric realization that my pearly whites are all still intact when I wake up.

Obviously, our dreams reflect our deepest anxieties, and undoubtedly losing one's teeth can represent a sense of frailty or having no control over something that is inextricably linked to who we are (and to think I didn't need to read "10,000 Dreams Interpreted" to figure this one out).

Most of my reoccurring dreams have positive associations , including flying freely over my childhood home, various heroic adventures that I revisit, and best of all (I kid you not) carrying around a stack of vinyl in a giant warehouse or shop full of records .

As a child I used to dream a lot about visiting the land of Narnia, as this was an imaginary landscape that had a profound impact on my young mind when I read the books. The only anxiety producing aspect of my Narnia dreams was that within the actual dream I would wake up and always want to fall back asleep so I could get back there.

The reoccurring dreams that are awful for me now are less about my teeth or some physical attribute, and are more about the anxiety related to being separated from or severely misunderstood or maligned by someone I care about deeply. It still amazes me how the emotional aspect of these type of relational dreams can linger long after the actually narrative of the dream is forgotten, leaving a bit of a dream hangover perhaps.

What is the equivalent of your "teeth falling out" dream? Do you dare to dream and tell?

(download "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out" by The Antlers)

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ah yes, the dream hangover! I am usually plagued with those when I have been wronged in a dream and wake up raging. They take a while to shake.

I have not had falling teeth dreams, but I did dream recently of driving drunk and subsequently being caught. The relief upon awakening was massive!