Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am well aware that I have been neglecting personal writing and engagement with others in the blogosphere, as evidenced in the fact that Asian spam briefly appeared to be outweighing legitimate commentary throughout my increasingly scarce postings.

I can view this as a wake-up call, and perhaps it is way for the universe to let me know how I may need to revisit a medium that in recent years has been mostly energizing, has provided me a great creative outlet and has brought some very cool people into my life.

Perhaps I need to thank the Asian spammers for providing unintended inspiration; no I won't visit your site or try your "super fun happy product" but I do now feel compelled to counter this commercial intrusion through some good old fashioned self-expression and dialogue with others in this vast and seemingly endless digital universe.

Of course it makes me think of how language is a fickle and evolving entity, as evidence in the reality that if I uttered the phrase "Asian spam" 15 years ago you would have probably envisioned something like this;

It's a brave new world indeed, blink for a few seconds and something previously unimaginable is now normative. It is quite breathtaking and a tad overwhelming at times, though I still contend that it is worthwhile to participate in some form that is congruent with who I am.

So, I guess I need to thank a few anonymous spammers for this pleasant reminder. Who knows, I may even visit your site and leave a comment asking you to visit my "dynamic interesting mind-blowing blog experience".


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You will always be my favourite son of a Nigerian banker man, my friend!

I know that the Viagra schillers promise wonders, but I bet even they never imagined that they would be responsible for a renewed interest in taking back the blogosphere. While I won't cheer the spammers, I do cheer you for taking heed of the opportunity.

Liberality said...

Welcome back :)

Randal Graves said...

My favorite spam was just the other day. It wasn't for penis enlargement pills, no, it was for CLASSY penis enlargement pills.

Westcoast Walker said...

So far so good - three legit comments to the one piece of spam- Nigerian bankers and polite "classy penis enlargement" invitations be damned!

Allison said...

I love that picture.

I haven't been getting too much Spam lately. Most of it gets filtered out through Wordpress, thankfully. I do enjoy when spammers come write, "Nice blog. Post more pictures." This of course is on posts where I am only posting photographs. ;)