Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have been taking a bit of a blogging hiatus, though I was recently tagged by Liberality for a music meme, which of course I couldn't resist. In this case I must list the top 25 tracks in rotation on my MP3 player - this is easy for me because I obsessively sync my iPod with my iTunes library and therefore always have my automatic "top 25 most played" list up to date.

It is a fickle and ever changing list (a healthy sign I believe for a true music geek) so with little further ado here is the current Top 25 as per the airwaves in my own private musical universe;

1. "Skinny Love" - Bon Iver
2. "Happiness" - Goldfrapp
3. "Mistaken For Strangers" - The National
4. "Another Sunny Day" - Belle & Sebastion
5. "Fade Into You" - Mazzy Star
6. "Fake Empire" - The National
7. "Challengers" - The New Pornographers
8. "Hold On, Hold On" - Neko Case
9. "Lay Your Head Down" - Keren Ann
10. "A Well Respected Man" - The Kinks
11. "Samskeyti" - Sigur Rós
12. "Boy With A Coin" - Iron & Wine
13. "Rugla" - Amiina
14. "Margaret Vs. Pauline" - Neko Case
15. "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" - Spoon
16. "Borrowing Time" - Aimee Mann
17. "In You Eyes (live)" - Ben Harper
18. "Messenger" - Blonde Redhead (w David Sylvian)
19. "Meet Me In The Morning" - Bob Dylan
20. "Bitches In Tokyo" - Stars
21. "Fall On Me" - REM
22. "The Last Beat of My Heart" - DeVotchKa
23. "Jeane" - Sandie Shaw
24. "Ceremony" - Galaxie 500
25. "Marquee Moon" - Television

I will have to tag a few other hapless bloggers of course, so Mellowlee, Barb, Anais & Allison you are all officially on notice!

btw - I like getting a glimpse into other people's personal musical universe - it takes me to my happy place!


Sean Wraight said...

Well done Mr. Walker! I might just have to steal this meme myself.

It's great to see Bon Iver topping the "Westcoast" charts. That whole record is nothing short of amazing. And the National, Neko... So many good, good things.

Have you tried the new Genius Feature on iTunes yet?

All the best. Great site!


mellowlee said...

Excellent! I will use my iPod/iTunes top 25 as well! Thanks Walker. It's always interesting to me to find what other people are listening too. I always wonder what is on other people's iPods on the bus.

It's a great way to find more great music too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Intriguing list! With samples and everything!

I love peaking into others' lists as well, and yours look enough like mine would, with some tantalizing differences that make it all very compelling.

I'll be thrilled to play along, although my itunes is not as representative of what I listen to all day, when I factor in commuting and playing cds in the kitchen.

Liberality said...

Television and Galaxy 500--cool!

Comrade Kevin said...

I still love Marquee Moon the best, though Adventure has really grown on me over the years.

Allison said...

That is a very intriguing list! Mine isn't so interesting, and some of the songs I find I don't listen to much anymore, but I have a bad repeat habit, so the totals that are up there are hard to beat.

I shall post soon, thanks for the tag!