Saturday, August 16, 2008


Is there anything more compelling than a story about giant inflatable pooh running amok? It certainly captured my imagination. It seems that a piece entitled "Complex Shit" by artist Paul McCarthy created havoc when it was blown away from outside a gallery in Berne, Switzerland. The end result was some broken power lines and a smashed window at a nearby orphanage.

It is actually a great metaphor for our age; large synthetic fecal matter blowing around, just like the deluge of manipulated images, false information and glossy ephemera that clogs our consciousness. After a while it builds up until it eventually becomes one giant glob that is bound to reek havoc in some sort of manner, if even on a psychic or spiritual level.

On a simpler level it's simply just fun to talk about, try discussing "giant inflatable pooh" without cracking a gigantic smile! I don't care who you are, somewhere in the recess of your soul there has to be a soft spot for all things scatological.

In response to the endless barrage of information about events in this world that inspire a sense of dread (or perhaps indifference for some), I think someone should erect a giant fan in a big open field, so that (giant inflatable?) shit can literally "hit the fan" every time something bad happens .

Not only would this be a cathartic exercise, but it would also be a brilliant illustration of how we are impacted by the seamless flow of information and events in an increasingly interconnected world. Regardless, "shit happens", and often it is increasingly difficult to ignore


ddyment said...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Why aren't you in charge of the free world? I really believe we need more of your type of thinking.

mellowlee said...

Oh my God:You put a huge smile on my face he he! Just think of the headline possibilities as well!

DCup said...

You crack me up and it's so true!

How sad in this age when we have so much information and so much technology that we could really help people - lift so many people up, we're still just stuck with/in shit.

Comrade Kevin said...

art imitating life imitating art imitating life.

Often it's difficult to see the difference between the two.

Allison said...

days later, and i still heart this. brilliant.