Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am giving a big shout-out today to Anais Nohant for her utterly sublime super group contest. It was a painstaking process for me of course, and with this scenario before me filled with endless possibilities my line-up of choice could conceivably change from moment to moment depending on what is capturing my fancy during that precise millisecond.

Anyways, with little further ado here is my über group du jour;

The line-up features The Edge on Guitar, the late great Klaus Nomi and his soaring falsetto on lead vocal, topped off with a rhythm section featuring Sly and Robbie (aka Lowell Dunbar - drums, and Robert Shakespeare - bass).

Of course it would sound just as you imagine; a consistent and engaging reggae groove supporting Edge's soaring infinite guitar as the wildly varied pitches in Nomi's vocals create a surreal sonic tapestry to weave in and out of the masterful instrumentation.

Recognizing of course that Nomi is not a household name, here is some footage to reel you in;

Of course this was way too much fun, and you have to know I will be creating über groups as a regular feature from now on! Thanks again Anais for the inspiration.


Anaïs Nohant said...

Much thanks and I have to say that your supergroup pick is OUTSTANDING! Not only would it be a unique sound, I think it would be performance wise something akin to musical caviar. This exercise in forming dream bands is addictive and I love to hear fellow music aficionados choices.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have to commend you on your restraint. The last time I dreamed up a super group, I think there were 15 people in it, including 2 dancing boys.

But what an inspired choice to have Klaus Nomi as frontman! I have exactly one of his song files, but it never fails to capture my attention.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Ever see the movie about Klaus? It's called "The Nomi Song."

Westcoast Walker said...

Anais - the pleasure is indeed mine - this was way too much fun to pass up!

Barb - I always thought it would be great to hear Klaus without the cheesy early 80's synths. His operatic vocals would be utterly amazing with a solid bass driven funk groove to accompany him.

Dr.Monkey - I have seen that Nomi movie yet, but it is definitely on my list.

Liberality said...

This reminds me of a video I've been looking to buy for our collection. I am looking for the video (on either VHS or DVD) called "Urgh" or something like that. It has some early Police on it, Oingo Boingo, Claus Nomi, The Cramps--a bunch of odd ball stuff. I've been looking for years but haven't found it. Well once on ebay but they wanted a ton of money for it. They played it in art theaters out on the East Coast during the early to mid 80s.