Monday, June 30, 2008


My poor deck candle couldn't handle the heat yesterday and went flaccid. The once proud and upright candle now leans horizontally, as if it was perpetually prepared to clinch the prize trophy in a limbo competition at a beach party.

I was contemplating some emergency wax injections to help restore it to the luster of it's youth, but I kind of like it the way it is now. There shall be no cosmetic lifts for this stick of wax!

I think that it holds a great deal of potential in it's new form. It would be ideal for some wax drippings, easily hovering over an envelope to make and old fashioned seal.

I could also construct some candle holders that mount sideways on the wall, thus giving my bent candle a new lease on life and allowing it once again to stand upright, pointing boldly towards the heavens.

It's a fantastic metaphor of course, as often we feel completely distorted and repositioned by forces in our lives that are seemingly beyond our control. In many ways the unexpected can occur in our lives in the blink of an eye, forcing a dramatic change of perspective.

The real question therefore is how do we define ourselves in light of the changes that are imposed on us? Are we merely bent out of shape and helpless, or do we suddenly have new avenues and possibilities before that were previously unimaginable?


Anonymous said...

Well said. I love how you find symbolism in everyday occurrences. Okay, the bent candle may not happen every day, but still....

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Where countless others would make penis jokes, you found a lovely metaphor for the human condition. Bless you!

I like the candle all bendy that way as well. I have a candle in my own backyard that is dripping through the wire basket of its holder in great gooey loops. It's pretty special.

Randal Graves said...

Oh, I believe it's definitely the latter. Whether those new avenues prove to be beneficial or not is yet one more question.

Liberality said...

dude, you sound like a social worker :)

Dean Wormer said...

You just have to tilt your head and it looks fine.

Same with people.

PJ said...

Embrace the horizontal plane.

Westcoast Walker said...

dcup - I do try to silence the white noise sometimes and attempt to listen to what the universe is trying tell me

Barb - I agree that dripping wax is endless fun! Also, thanks for the compliment

Randal - you add a valid point for me to ponder - thanks!

Liberality - darn, my social worky side does seep into my postings from time to time - let's hear it for being transparent!

Dean - perspective is everything isn't it - I always tell people that it isn't that I talk to quickly, its just that everyone else speaks too slow.

Hi PJ - true words spoken from my favourite reclusive urbanite - you are a gem indeed.