Thursday, June 5, 2008


A toddler bangs a wooden hammer onto a precariously situated tower of blocks and squeals with delight as it tumbles down and makes a large crash...... gas prices spike dramatically within a short time and suddenly SUV and truck plants close, transit ridership increases and people begin to rethink how they live....... an old woman stands astonished while admiring the beautiful flowers that are blooming in her yard about a month earlier than they used to a few decades ago...... a soldier stands on guard in front of an oil field thousands of miles from home, watches a motorcade of Hummers drive by and daydreams of being anywhere else..... a young girl giggles as she shares a joke via a web cam chat with a friend who is on another continent and believes that the world isn't such a big place after all..... for the first time in history an African American is in serious contention for the presidency and people begin to wonder if the dreams of many generations could finally be realized......

I believe that hope lies in always making connections


Cowboy the Cat said...

You just blew my MIND!! It's like the butterfly wing = hurricane thing!!

Just kidding, I like the way you mingle the ominous with the inspiring... It made me feel.

jeff cothren said...

wonderful optimism here - keep spreading it, especially down here