Wednesday, May 28, 2008


When my awesome nephew came for a visit last summer he left the following words on my fridge via our alphabet fridge magnets;

It still makes me giggle from time to time and I kept it on the fridge for a long time. I thought it was quite brilliant and I can envision this making it into the common vernacular. Here are a few examples;

Example #1: (14 year old girl) "Oh my God, Mr. Mason gave me way too much homework, he's such a turd map"

Example #2: The forensic nutritionist enhanced the resolution in order to get a more substantive reading on the corpse's dietary habits. From the analysis of the turd map it appeared that he had eaten a fair deal of corn at some point during the day prior to his accident.

Example #3: The directions he had followed from MapQuest were vastly inaccurate. After hours of driving aimlessly in circles he threw the crumbled paper out the window. It was a complete and utter turd map.

Anyone else have any other potential uses for this wonderful phrase?

(NOTE: I don't know if there is actually any such thing as a Forensic Nutritionist, though I sense a potential network pitch once CSI runs it's course)


PJ said...

Saw my ex with his trampy new girlfriend. He's such a turd map.

We followed the injured gorilla into the forest. From his turd map we were able to catch up with him and put a cast on his broken arm.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Turd map! That is brilliant. I may have to borrow it and assist in making it part of the lexicon.

I think it could also work well as a verb:
She wasn't paying close attention to the ingredients as she baked the birthday cake and she completely turd mapped it when she inadvertently substituted salt for sugar.