Saturday, April 12, 2008


I was feeling a little blah and down in the dumps the other day and sought refuge in what is almost guaranteed to take me to my happy place; a well crafted and engaging piece of music. It amazes me actually that music still has such a powerful ability to influence my moods in a very immediate, direct and measurable fashion.

Often I can go to really dark places with just the right ominous soundtrack to induce a momentary spell of nihilistic brooding, and other times the right jangly little diddy can elevate my happy mood and make me even more giddy and excitable than usual. It is as if the patterns in a well penned song have the capacity to re-wire my brain momentarily, opening up new pathways of consciousness.

Case in point, I was listening to the newest Goldfrapp album and stumbled on the track "Happiness" (check out their myspace page to hear the song). I played it a few times consecutively and found myself entranced and immediately hooked . I was momentarily addicted to the song and a few thoughts crossed my mind;

1) If I was starting a cult this would be the perfect theme song , 2) Before actually seeing it I had an urge to bounce around like the bloke in the video while listening to the song, though I realized that grabbing my iPod and jumping around my workplace would result in either a strongly encouraged "temporary leave", or an intervention from my colleagues (appropriate since we are all social workers).

The song actually elevated my mood and I had it stuck in my head all day, which I know is a bit ironic in light of the slightly tongue and cheek nature of the song. Regardless, it did have an impact. You owe it to yourself to give it a spin, or at the very least watch the outrageous video. Just remember not to accept the kool-aid from the bouncing man and you will be fine.

What songs give you a buzz?


Dr. Zaius said...

Funny - I always thought that bouncers were a lot meaner looking.

Anaïs Nohant said...

Johnny Mercer's Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is one. Listening to XTC's 1984 Album The Big Express always puts me in good mood. I'd have to think on my TOP five records that put a zip in my step though.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Maybe you should get a job doing Apple commercials. All of their shadow people jump around with their iPods and no on seems to mind.

Utah Savage said...

I find that if I am writing while listening to music, my fingers do the dancing. Dylan works best for typing. But then, I am old.

robyn bright said...

hahaha- that bouncer reminds me of you all those many years ago!
I swear you bounced around lile that in the spring time!

Westcoast Walker said...

Zaius - he's my kinda of bouncer, not as mean and probably good at distracting otherwise unruly bar patrons

Anais - As usual your taste is impeccable (you are indeed a musical kindred) - I would love to know your top 5 "zip" albums, I am infinitely curious.

Poobah - another job option would be to play Tigger at kid's birthday parties, though I'd have to make sure there aren't an valuable antiques around

Hi Utah - thanks for dropping by! Dylan is a good choice, his music has made my fingers move many times - his music is bold, timeless, a new language in it's own right. He is one of the artists who I can confidently say will still be revered 100 years from now.

Hello My Dear Robyn! - lots of warmth and affection to you old friend - you actually witnessed my bouncing first hand many moons ago. We skipped together down the street many times in Toronto, our heads filled with the sweet music of youth and our own wonderful soundtrack ;)

robyn bright said...

i listen to Corvus Corax or Alien Sex fiend's "I walk the Line" because it's funny to drive by in a beige minivan pumping up A.S.F. I just love that song :-)

Corvus Corax always makes me want to dance and forget my troubles!


robyn bright said...

ok copy and paste the you tube link or just look at my blog- since I am inept! It makes me want to bounce like a celtic dancer when I hear corvus corax!
cheers to you my dear old friend! ;-)

robyn bright said...

after thought- love and rockets- yinyang and the flowerpot man is one of the best getting going songs ever!