Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I have posted a short review of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" on the Spring Reading Challenge blog, as hosted by that benevolent simian, Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein.

Drop by and check it out and read some other reviews by some great folks who have been contributing as well. It's a great place to get inspired by other people's love of the written word and perhaps get turned on to a few authors you may have looked over.

Presently I am reading "The World Without Us" by Alan Weisman. It is an intriguing book that examines how the world would progress and exist if suddenly there were no more pesky humans around to muck it up. He looks at history, evolution and even examines places in the world today where we can see how the absence of humanity leads to the sudden blossoming and reemergence of nature.

It is a humbling and ego stripping exercise to take, and brings to light our inextricable connection and influence on this world. It is a fascinating book and I plan to ruminate on it endlessly when I am done reading, you have been warned!

Here is a great flash piece from Weisman's site that demonstrates how the average North America house would literally decompose once they were no people around to take care of it;

Now excuse me while I go and imagine the world without me!


Liberality said...

I left a comment about your book review over at the other blog--


Captain Karen said...

I can't wait to hear your review of The World Without Us. I became excited to read it after seeing a short interview with the author but am waiting for paperback to be released this summer.