Sunday, March 9, 2008


Took a little break from the blogosphere for the last week and a half or so, which in the context of our info laden and accelerated culture is probably the equivalent of a few months. I am back now, feeling recharged and ready to ruminate on life, the universe and everything. Here's what's on my radar these days;

In terms of music I am probably the last person in the Western Hemisphere to finally listen to Radiohead's utterly sublime In Rainbows. Yes, it was worth all the hype from a few months a go. This is music for the new century, and for the first time in a while the paranoia meter has been turned down a notch and Thom Yorke and company have crafted a more subtle, and slightly warmer affair than their last few post-millennial offerings. Please carve some time to listen to the album in its entirety, it will change your life. Here's a great clip to hook you in;

In terms of TV I have been watching the series jPod on CBC . Although it is utterly absurd, unbelievable and self consciously quirky at times, I appreciate Douglas Coupland's characterizations of life in the post-industrial West, where everyone is scheming and plotting to make connections in an era defined by rapid and unparalleled change. Also, it's funny as hell and the dysfunctional yearnings of a bunch of video game programmers makes for something a little more refreshing, presenting a very contemporary archetype to play with. Here's clip from YouTube (You can watch full episodes on the CBC site as well).

In terms of life, lots of big decisions on the table right now about how to live sanely in an inflated housing market and balance the need to carve out sacred space for family while keeping things afloat at the same time. I am not planning to drop off the grid or anything like that, though I do want to slow down the hamster wheel of modern life a bit and make room for the things that are most important in my life. Basically, it's one part angst coupled with a scoop of hopefulness right now about the possibility of some big changes. More to come on this for sure....


Dean Wormer said...

That series is cool. I'd never heard of it. Thanks for the mini-review and highlight.


jeff cothren said...

Balance is indeed necessary. Don't know if you've already heard of him, but check out the books by Tom Hodgekinson - How to be Idle and The Freedom Manifesto. Right along this line of thought.

Liberality said...

no, you are not the last person to listen to this album (by Radiohead), I am! so I will take your recommendation and check it out since we appear to have such similar taste in music.

Anonymous said...

With regards to your big life decisions right now - I send you congrats for caring enough to slow down and spend time with what's important - and postive wishes that you'll be successful.

I've done that very thing these past several months and have experienced a peace I didn't know existed. It defies societal logic and the old tapes that play in my head (from my hard-working, Protestant work ethic, post Depression & WWII era upbringing) - but I'm clinging to the golden ring of it like a gymnast at the Olympics.

My husband and I really only have ourselves and our cats to worry about, so our choices are a bit different. I can't imagine adding kids to the equation! I commend you for your intention and commitment to "carving out the sacred space".

Perhaps you'd like to write a guest blog for Not Buying It? Or be intereviewed on your choices and progress? Hmmmmmm....?

Westcoast Walker said...

Dean - I am all too happy to pass on great programming from my fine little country to my American brethren!

Jeff - Thanks for the recommended reading - I will definitely check out Hodgekinson. I think lots of folks are thinking about these issues and its good to see more writing about it.

Liberality - I hope you like In Rainbows, it's actually quite good. Also, I am glad to have found a musical kindred online!

Lisa - I always appreciate your thoughtful and encouraging words (as well as your great tea!). I would be happy to be a guest contributor to your blog.