Sunday, January 20, 2008


"At the top of the world, there's an island, a place where the sun never shines/ But the people don't care because the snow over there is so bright, they nearly go blind"

The day is coming to a close and I am enjoying a rare moment of solitude enhanced by inspiring music to keep me company. Some nights I am wiling to forfeit a few hours of sleep in order to engage in some active listening with a few of my favourite tracks. It is sacred space for me.

This evening my musical journey has taken me back to the shores of Iceland again (proportionally a nation that has produced a more than its fair share of brilliant music lately), with the quartet Amiina and their collaboration with the late Lee Hazelwood.

Hilli (At The Top of The World)
is sleepy fairy tale with an environmental message. Hazelwood's fragile and crackly voiced narrative (apparently the last thing he recorded before he died) is enhanced by the quartet's subtle and sprightly instrumental. Enjoy this journey;


Dean Wormer said...

That's so sweet. I'm going to show it to my own kids tonight.

Thanks for sharing that.

Liberality said...

just popping in to check you out. I have spent a great deal of time lately watching musical dvds and playing guitar. The political scene in this country is driving me crazy and I gotta get away from it somehow.

fyi, I have a BSW and used to work in the field. I burnt out after 3 short years. I cared too much I guess. So now I work in a library. You can't screw up books the way you can screw up people is what I always say. Plus I love to read.

Westcoast Walker said...

Dean - Your welcome! It's a charming and imaginative little piece, I hope your kids like it. Sharing music brings me to my happy place.

Hi Liberality - thanks for dropping by and sharing a bit. Personal musical therapy is essential during frustrating times! I have a BSW as well and I am working in the field still, though admittedly the ordered world of the library does sound appealing on some levels (though I would probably get busted for reading on the job). We should talk more and share our stories!