Thursday, July 26, 2007

A BLOG REBORN: Welcome to my ongoing quest.

Time for new beginnings. No grand aspirations here, just looking to develop and expand my writing a bit and explore some thoughts I have regarding this crazy and beautiful time that we live in. Assuming that this gets off the ground, I really look forward to feedback, and perhaps collaboration with others.

The above picture was taken in Vancouver on a beautiful and hopeful spring day in April of 2006. As I wandered through the city that day I began to take seriously my ongoing quest for genuine signs of hope in this period of time shaped by turbulent social, political and ecological change. I remain committed to this cause. I started this process with my first blog and it is my goal to explore this theme further here.

I would like to explore and discover elements of hope, and signs of life present in current art, music, literature, film, and even in the political sphere (yes, this is possible). I want to examine the bold artists or individuals who are not afraid to "kick at the darkness 'till it bleeds daylight". I may even dare to post some of my own slight attempts at doing this as well

In doing this I hope not to be too self-indulgent (which of course never happens in the blogosphere). On a simpler level , I want to share my thoughts about what is inspirational in my little universe. As a result of this I do run the risk of crafting some overly pretentious ruminations on a few current albums or books that I adore, though I do need to have some fun, and at least I am being honest here.

Welcome to my little journey. I hope some of you will join me and that some will contribute as well. Either way, I would love feedback and any thoughts to assist me on this quest. The maps are being re-drawn as we speak, so here we go......

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Tim said...

Hey Matthew, just thought I'd be the first to write a comment on your first post. I plan to read through them all! You are the only person I know who knows more about music than I do. Tim