Sunday, July 12, 2009


In the spirit of my recent haiku obsession I have started a blog devoted to this form of poetry, "Haiku-Centric". What I am really hoping is that it will evolve into a collaborative project (i.e. a "mixed tape") with a number of contributors adding their own inspired poetry to the mix.

My hope is that it will be diverse and reflective of the current time we live in, including not only images from the natural world but also the interplay of the various technologies, media and social changes that are inextricably part of our world. I would also love to see visual and audio components as well eventually.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor please post a comment including your e-mail and I will set you up with some administrative privileges. There is no obligation around how frequently or infrequently one can contribute, so feel free to post whenever your muse compels you to do so.

Let the haiku's begin!

p.s. I may occasionally post haiku related links on the blog, as well as interesting articles or historical pieces about haikus as well.

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